Sunday, 18 March 2018


Ronnie asks  Question 1...Past or present - which two famous people would you invite for dinner.

Very interesting questions Ronnie, if I could invite two famous people to dinner I'd have to invite Ed Sheeran to entertain us with a private concert.

Secondly it would have to be out of Audrey Hepburn

or Judi Dench

as I admire both of them. Or can I invite them both?

Question 2.....
Not reading your blog every day (shame on me) Have you or Bear bought any new implements lately and if so what are they?

We haven't bought any new implements for over 12 months when I bought Bear a crop for Valentines day.  Baker did send me a ping pong paddle for my Christmas present with a gingerbread man on it.

Bear uses this regularly which I really love, he likes seeing my tushy turning red from it. So no, do you have any suggestions for a new implement? I did try to buy somethings just before Valentines day this year, which I was sure I finalised the payment.  When I rechecked it hadn't gone through.

Question 3.....

You said you had a sort of a fantasy which would be making love in a haystack and then be spanked. Do you think Bear would oblige if it was at all possible:)?

I think under the right circumstances Bear would be obliging with my fantasy. 

We talk about it often, he even told one of his work mates (embarrassing) years ago. Not the spanking part though thank goodness. His workmate explained how it had to be a certain type of hay so it was comfortable. Obviously talking from experience. 

Thank you so much Ronnie for your questions, they were fun to answer.

Have a good week everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx

Saturday, 17 March 2018


I attended a function yesterday which was a  bring a plate.  As I'm the only coeliac in my group I knew there wouldn't be anything else for me to eat apart from my own food. So I took   some vegetables sticks with hommus and dry biscuits (crackers) to share.  As I had predicted it was the only suitable food for me to eat. 

Everyone else had a table laden with sandwiches, cakes, slices and other yummy looking treats. It was all going well until someone dunked their biscuit in my hommus. Needless to say I was devastated, as this meant I could no longer eat it due to cross contamination.  Others might think this is no big deal but I am highly sensitive and one crumb makes me sick for weeks.
I sat there watching everyone consuming all the goodies, practically drooling. LOL! When I arrived home I had a whinge to Bear about this.  He did come up with a good suggestion for next time, to take a sealed lunch box with my own food as well as a share plate. 

As the afternoon progressed he could tell I was still upset by all this and I did have a sookie lala about it all. When you were growing up did you parents ever say 'If you don't stop crying I'll give you something to cry about?' Whilst I was sooking Bear gave me a might hard  wallop which was on my back rather than   my bottom.  So I went into his music room to find a red highlighter, then proceeded to draw a target on each of my bottom cheeks. 

Went back out, told Bear this is where you need to aim, then he gave me a wonderful spanking which cheered me up.  Funny how a spanking can turn me from a sook into a happy person. 
He kept going on about the marker being permanent, saying he hopes I don't have a flare needing to go to hospital.  How would I explain the target marks!  At bed time he took advantage of the target to get some practice in, I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face.
Today he is still teasing me about the targets saying the hospital will ask questions if I have to go in for anything. LOL! Hopefully it will eventually wash off.


Have a good weekend everyone.
Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 16 March 2018


Week 7 check in.

This week has had its ups and downs. On Saturday we celebrated our anniversary and my good news with a surf (prawns) and turf (steak) dinner with wine. Sunday we both felt a bit off, we think from the prawns, although they were fresh along with everything else. So  I chillaxed without doing any exercises.  Monday I was alright to do a bike ride and managed to do all my steps.

I did have a bit of a sooky lala moment on Tuesday.  In the morning I was playing scrabble on FB with a friend.  Whilst playing I told her I was contemplating going to an exercise  class prior to mermaids, yet I felt like going to sleep as I was so tired.  We had a bit of a discussion where she encouraged  me by saying it would look good on my FFF check in,  after a bit of to and fro she convinced me to go.

Well after lunch I put on my gym gear headed to the exercise class where I had a ball. Then did my hour long mermaids which felt so good to relax in the water after the hour workout.  

I owe a big thank you to this friend  for talking me into attending this session.

Then on Thursday I was sore from all my workouts during the week.  I was going to give my bike ride a miss, then Bear told me to go have a gentle peddle to iron out my kinks.  His words not mine.  I think it would take a lot more than a bike ride to iron out this girls kinks. LOL!

My achievements this week are.......

bike ride  3

aqua exercises 2

over 50s exercise class 1

tai chi 2

osteo exercises 6

she'll be coming 'round the table steps with the puppies 6

Pass go, receive a swat.

Also Bear has added another incentive to this, every time I pass go  around the table he gives me a swat.

I have done some decluttering this week in the kitchen, by rearranging my saucepan cupboard and pantry. Threw out some food items which were passed their use by dates.

The scales didn't budge this week.  I did compare my measurements from week one to week seven which I'm really happy with the results.  Down centremetres  all over.  Woohoo!

Have  a good weekend everyone.  Going to be a hot one here with total fire ban.
Hugs Lindy xx

Thursday, 15 March 2018


Jan asks... What is your favourite thing to wear? When you choose your clothes do you pick what he likes or do you just wear whatever you want regardless if he likes it or not?

Very interesting questions Jan.  My favourite thing to wear would be a summer dress I bought a few years ago.  It makes me feel feminine and Bear loves me in it.

I used to buy what I thought suited me.  My style would be described as a mix of things, I really love wearing colours. 
Most of my friends seem to wear black which in certain circumstances is alright, other than that I find it depressing.  Sorry don't want to offend anyone who does only wear black.

My Bear loves to shop, so in the past few years probably since he retired, he comes with me to buy clothes. I try to pick things out which I think he would like and he also suggests things which 
he thinks would look nice on me.  I must say the man has good tastes. 

Recently he has asked me to wear beads and more jewellery everyday with my outfits. So now I have a nice collection of different beads to go with each outfit. 

At home I usually wear comfortable things like pants with a blouse.  Then when we go out Bear likes me to dress up more.

Thank you for these questions Jan, they were fun to answer.

Hugs Lindy xx

Monday, 12 March 2018


Fondles asks... DO you and bear share the same taste in music? Who gets to decide what plays on the car radio?

Where we live the car radio has one station only as its too hard to pick others up in our area. They mainly play modern music which is to my taste. As a teenager I wasn't allowed to go off to my room by myself to listen to music. Maybe my parents thought I'd get up to mischief. So I was brought up to their style of music.  Now I'm reliving my teens, well sort of, with music kids like these days.

My favourite is Ed Sheeran who is currently touring downunder.  Wish I could have attended one of his concerts.

I like to tease Bear about his choice in music.  He is almost 7 years older than me so prefers what I call old fuddy duddy music. We don't generally listen to music at home.  The only music is Bear playing his accordion which I love to hear.

I won't send roses  by John  Barrowman

He has just taught himself to play a new song, I won't send roses.  It sounds beautiful and I've caught him singing to it. I did sneakily record it the other night when he thought I was getting ready for bed.  LOL!

Lea asks What song have you completely memorized?

Sorry to disappoint you Lea, I can honestly say none. Or perhaps that's a lie, as I remember nursery rhymes for the grandkids. Does that count??  Years ago I would have been able to memorise songs, now they fall through like my brains a sieve. 
There are so many nice songs I wish I could remember. There again if you heard me singing I would probably shatter glass. 

Thank you Fondles and Lea for your questions, both very interesting.

Its not too late if anyone has a question for March, ask away and I'll answer when I can.

Have a good week.
Hugs Lindy xx

Friday, 9 March 2018


Week 6 check in.

This week has been fabulous with good news about my biopsy.  So now I can breath a sigh of relief, get back to living life to the MAX.

I have discovered a new way to fit more steps in which includes another use for tables apart from sitting down to eat and my furkids love it.  I've been doing laps of our round kitchen table, Frankie sits on a chair waiting for a pat every time I complete a lap whilst Zoe chases me around.  So its a win win situation for all three of us.

Walks 6 out of 7 days

Bike    4 out of 7 days

Aquasize only one session due to medical appointment

Exercises 7 out of 7 days  How is everyone's one leg tooth brushing going.  Nice shiny pearly whites and stronger core muscles?

Slacked off on the decluttering this week,  will try to make up for it next week.

Scales are heading in the right direction albeit slowly.  I have noticed my shape is changing though, I really should measure myself.  In the past I've found I've lost inches sometimes when the scales haven't budged.

How has everyone else been this week.  We can all do this, then look back in a few months at how far we have come and be proud of our achievements.  Thanks so much Fondles for all the wonderful posts with links to various things we need.
Have a good weekend everyone. 
Hugs Lindy xx

Thursday, 8 March 2018

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2018 to all you wonderful ladies in blogland. 

We are all WONDERWOMEN with wonderful husbands. How lucky are we all! Enjoy your day!


Ronnie asks   Question 1... Past or present - which two famous people would you invite for dinner. Very interesting questions Ronnie, if ...